Refund Policy

Everyone who visits the organisation and makes a donation voluntarily. Donations that were unintentionally returned to us should be sent with the appropriate documentation, such as the UTR number, email address, and mobile number for which the money was deposited. If you notify us of this within three days of the money being sent, we will make the necessary corrections. We will assist with reshipment and will not be held liable for delays that exceed three days.

We need some documents from you if you send the money back to us within three days of sending it to us. We will check them within three days if you send us the correct UTR number of the banking sector, along with the email id and mobile number you used, after you forward the money. We will assist with reshipment and will not be held liable for delays that exceed three days.

Bhagyasri Orphanage is instituting a donation refund policy to ensure fair and transparent processing of requests for refund of donations as digital payments are becoming more frequent. Bhagyasri Orphanage expects that all donors will excrcise due care and diligence while making donations.Bhagyasri Orphanage also recognises that a donation may be made erroneously or donars may change their mind.

Bhagyasri Orphanage will examine each request for refund of donation and endeavour to make the refund. Bhagyasri Orphanage may also seek further information / documents and donor must co-operate in this regard.

The donation will be used for the education, healthcare, social welfare and women empowerment of the poorest of the poor in far-flung villages. Our Foundation does not compel any person or organization to donate money. It depends on your wish whether you are willing to contribute some portion of your income towards the philanthropic activities for the establishment of universal peace and brotherhood.

If at any time you feel that you wish to collect any information on how your money was spent, you are most welcome to contact us. While donating the money, you are free to ask any query or doubt which you have in your mind. Our experts will guide you through the entire process and how the money is utilized. It is your right to know where the donation is being used.

Once online payment is made, we will send a confirmation email regarding their donation along with a tax-exempted receipt valid u/s 80G of IT.

The request for any donation-related information can be sent to

The Foundation takes the utmost care to process donations as per the instructions given by our donors, online and offline. However, in case of an unlikely event of an erroneous donation or if the donor would like to cancel his donation, the Foundation will respond to the donor within 30 working days of receiving a valid request for refund from the donor. The timely refund of the donation will depend upon the type of credit card/banking instrument used during the transaction. The donor will have to send the Foundation a written request for a refund within 1 days of making the donation to the Foundation s official address or email

However, Bhagyasri Orphanage is not obliged to make refunds and may, in its discretion, decline any requests for refund of donations, particularly if a tax exemption certificate has been issued.

If you would like your donation to HelpAge India to be refunded,

You must request Bhagyasri Orphanage in writing or by email for a refund and Your request must reach Bhagyasri Orphanage within 7 (Seven) days from the date on which you made the donation i.e. the date on which you:

  • Made the donation online, electronically or through other means, OR
  • Handed over the cheque / demand draft to HelpAge India or someone authorised by Bhagyasri Orphanage for this purpose, OR
  • Despatched the cheque / demand draft to Bhagyasri Orphanage by other means.

The written request stating reason for requesting refund must be sent to the address stated below and must contain all the following details pertaining to the donation: Date of donation

Donation amount
If donation was made through cheque/draft, please provide Cheque/Draft no.
If donation was made through credit card, please provide Credit Card no. (last 4 digits only).
If donation was made online, please provide Donation-ID.